About - Located in Buffalo, New York, Kallista Hair Salon, led by Sally Lococo, has been operating in the Elmwood Village, for over 16 years. They provide the best in the business for all hair, color, nail, and spa treatments int he area.

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Our studio is located in the heart of the Elmwood Village in Buffalo, New York. We focus on making everyone feel their best by always looking their best.

My sixteen years as owner of Kallista has taught me a lot about myself and how much I enjoy my profession. Traveling and attending classes has been a big part of my life. Most importantly, teaching my staff and educating them brings me great joy. They are my inspiration

Sally Lococo – Owner / Stylist

Sally Lococo

Owner/Head Stylist

Stephen Spadel


Gretchen Monaco


Ashley Jedrzejewski

Receptionist & Assistant

The Best in the Business

Located right where you want us to be.